• About Me

    I'm a 4th year medical student currently doing my intercalated BSc in Humanities, Philosophy & Law.


    I'm very interested in medical education, with a specific focus on maximising student engagement with teaching. In future, I'm considering careers in emergency medicine and its immediately allied specialties.


    During my spare time, I enjoy fencing and refereeing internationally, and have recently travelled to Denmark, Germany and Croatia to do so. I play bass guitar and regularly go to gigs. This year, I joined ICSM Light Opera and played bass in the band for Pippin, and I look forward to being a part of 24 in May.


    Alongside fencing, I play hockey and cricket both inside and outside ICSM. In what little is left of my spare time, you'll often find me helping to prepare for or run events in Reynolds, Metric or the UCH for IC Live Music Society or one of many others.

  • My Experience

    MedED Secretary

    August 2018-Present

    During the past year as your MedED Secretary, I've been sending out emails to most, if not all, of you. I've also created MedED's current social media presence from scratch, setting up and overseeing the running of a Facebook page, groups for each year, a Twitter account and a LinkedIn page. While this is all still a work in progress, the change in student interaction has been tangible.

    IC Live Music Society Secretary

    August 2018-Present

    As Secretary of IC Live Music Society (formerly known as Jazz & Rock), I've learnt a great deal about how The Union operates and how to perform well as a secretary within this system. Sending emails in HTML/CSS has helped to hone my website building skills, and this has been further enhanced by my involvement in maintaining the back end of the society's website. I've also been involved in running and stewarding events, an important and often-forgotten part of an ICSMSU officer's role.

    IC Fencing Head Armourer

    August 2018-Present

    My role as Head Armourer at IC Fencing - that is, the person in charge of making sure the club's kit is in good working order and repairing and purchasing more as necessary - has been an excellent opportunity to improve my time management. With a huge amount of work to do, it is essential to manage your time effectively in this role, as not doing so can lead to even more work in the future.

    IC Fencing 2nd Team Captain

    August 2016-2017

    In my year as IC Fencing's 2nd Team Captain I continued to build on the skills I had obtained during my first year as Secretary. Working both as a member of the committee and a captain of a team gave me a deeper appreciation for all the aspects of effective teamwork, from all angles. This role also allowed me to continue to gain experience managing a non-personal social media strategy, with the continuation of regular livestreams and updates on matches and events.

    IC Fencing Secretary

    August 2015-2017

    Being IC Fencing Secretary during my second and third years allowed me to develop essential skills to succeed as a member of a committee. Working as part of a larger team, managing my time effectively and communicating not only with other committee members, but also with the society as a whole proved invaluable experience for my more recent roles. As secretary, I took the lead on management of the club's social media, transforming the presence from only sporadic posts to regular updates, live scores during matches, and live streams of the most important matches and events. You can see this for yourself on Twitter at @IC_Fencing

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